How to Enroll a Child

AMIkids Piedmont works with boys who need the most help to succeed, both in life and in an academic environment. We provide opportunities to youth who are at a higher risk of dropping out of school or ending up in prison because of the challenges they face.

Our youth typically display the following characteristics:

  • Are significantly behind in academic courses and need the opportunity for credit recovery
  • Identified as having exceptional needs
  • Involved in the juvenile justice system
  • Exhibit disruptive behaviors and attitudes that prohibit other form learning
  • Need mentoring
  • Have a history of substance abuse
  • Have displayed a lack of respect for peers and authority
  • Are suspected of or have admitted to gang involvement
  • Are lacking in motivation
  • Need assistance developing self esteem

Young men attending AMIkids Piedmont are referred  from the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.  Contact us for more information to enroll a child.

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