Why AMIkids

Sean was placed at AMIkids when he was no longer allowed to attend his local high school.  Because of poor decisions, he found himself in trouble that led to losing friends, trust from his family and only led him to more bad decisions.  He was skipping school regularly and had no investment in his own future.

At AMIkids, Sean learned the benefits of giving back to his community through volunteering and community services.  It was a great learning experience for him and helped him meet leaders and positive peers in his local community.  He was proud of his participation with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Inc. and helping them renovate their office buildings.

Those around him have seen the change in Sean.  While walking with his family, he saw an elderly woman struggling with her groceries and, without hesitation, Sean walked over to lend her a hand.  Admittedly, he says that never would have crossed his mind before.

Sean says that AMIkids helped prepare him by teaching him to stay positive and to make decisions based on his new values system rooted in responsibility and honesty.  He now says that his goal is to share his experiences and impact someone else’s life the way that AMIkids has impacted his.



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